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To improve English communication skills need a good and appropriate environment to bring efficiency to the learner. IIBT Vietnam, with the motto: “Get Centered students” will be a place to help you practice good English skills and efficiency.

With highly experienced experts in education, the classrooms are equipped with modern electronic board, the audio-visual equipment, our teachers are more scientific training methods will give students the lessons rich, easy to understand and the parents will have peace of mind when their children study at IIBT.

At IIBT, we can train and prepare students for the following exams:


English Courses for Young Learners

Improve and build their confidence at a young age.

Be confident in English at a young age. Our native English speakers will train and prepare young learners to help them make the most of studying at school.

We give students knowledge and techniques in English communication with our courses designed to train them in a unique, fast, enjoyable and natural way.

English for Young Learners

English Courses for Adults/ Professionals

Welcome the opportunities with improved English communication skills

There is a big advantage of being confident in communicating in English. It can help your career, social life, business and relationship improve in so many ways.

We designed our courses to help you speak, understand, read and write clearly from beginner to elite level. You may reach us for personal interview and test and know which course is right for you.

English for Professionals and Adults


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English Training Courses

We teach and train students maximize their English ability on English Tests.

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Partner Universities

We offer fully accredited diplomas and certificate designed to equip you with the essential skills for university and successful completion of our programs guarantees you entry into one of IIBT’s partner Universities. Study with IIBT at our new purpose built high tech facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, IIBT Australia at Victoria Park, just outside the Perth CBD and enjoy the best in learning environments with the highest caliber of teaching staff.